Paradise Road

Paradise Road

Paradise Road is just a 1997 film which tells the story of a set of Australian, American, Dutch and English women who are imprisoned in Sumatra during World War II. It had been headed by Bruce Beresford and stars Glenn Close as beatific Adrienne Pargiter, Frances McDormand as the brash Dr. Verstak, Pauline Collins as missionary Margaret Drummond (based on missionary Margaret Dryburgh), Julianna Margulies as American socialite Topsy Merritt, Jennifer Ehle as British doyenne and version Rosemary Leighton Jones, Cate Blanchett as Australian nurse Susan McCarthy and Elizabeth Spriggs as dowager Imogene Roberts. Basing his film on real events, Bruce Beresford tells the narrative of a vocal orchestra generated by the ladies in a Western P.O.W. camp, a classic survivors' tale extolling women's capacity to survive hardship and atrocity through perseverance, solidarity and imagination.

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