Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy

Saichi Sugimoto is just a challenging soldier who participates at the Russo-Japanese War and who earned the nickname"Sugimoto the Immortal." When he could be expelled from the army for some episode, honors in combat are of use to him, however he's a wish a promise to keep, and also therefore he'll require money. His first idea to get it will be to combine the current Hokkaido gold-rush and try his luck, but fate prepared him a much more interesting challenge and in the exact same time, even more profitable. When a man tells the story of how a burglar stole a huge volume of gold to later hide his booty, his eyes lighting up. Could it be a narrative? The person tells him that the only real way to locate the gold is to find a number of men who were in prison with the burglar and who take the tracks tattooed their bodies. But Hokkaido is just a challenging region and its own relentless nature, so when you are still deciding if this a narrative is greater than the usual Chinese narrative, you will have to struggle to secure your own life from a enormous bear... and who will come to your rescue is just a Ainu girl who seems to learn some thing about the narrative told by the older man.
Released: 2018-04-09
Casts: N/A
Duration: 24 min
Country: Japan
Production: Geno Studio

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