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Save Me 2

Save Me 2

Together with their municipality scheduled to become flooded to make way their faith has been placed by the more devout denizens of some volcano village into Choi Gyung Seok, a church elder who promises to relocate the flock. Choi informs the villagers where they will be able to live with all town is completely submerged, that they will create a church and a brand new housing development. He also says that only 144,000 people may go to heaven, and that church supplies are all compulsory in case anyone wants to"secure their place" Even the town Reverend Sung, a good looking and new minister who has the ability to cure the ailing, approves of Choi's plans. Behind his guise of loyalty Choi is actually a practiced conman posing as a representative of a religion that is bogus. His authentic purpose is to replicate the villagers of these resettlement damages. The only obstacle into the scheme is Kim MinChul, a cynical outcast who accidentally discovers evidence of Choi misdeeds and unexpectedly finds himself becoming the center of resistance from the church association.
Release: 2019-05-09
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